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Mount Your Devices.

Clean Your Workstation.

Experience Creative Mobility.

The DongleSpot Story

The DongleSpot Story


High Quality, Custom Materials

Every material has been carefully chosen with a specific purpose in mind -- ease of use. The metal plate and the force of the magnets have been strategically matched to create the perfect bond without damaging your computer or your dongles.

Completely Safe for Modern Computers

We made sure to do our research here. Magnets and computers have had a very tricky relationship, but thank God, relationships evolve. With modern technology, we have found that DongleSpots are safe and reliable to use on a daily basis. For more info, check out our FAQ page.

Simple & Reliable Usability

The concept is simple. Contrary to popular belief, magnets aren't just magic. The science behind the usability of the DongleSpot allows the user to rely on this magnetic connection for a long time. Most likely, longer than your laptop.

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'How it Works' in 30 Seconds

Watch and learn as we walk you through the ideal DongleSpot setup in 3 Simple Steps.

How it Works


DongleSpot takes your set up to another level. It gives you the ability to stay portable and work in any area with out space constraints.

Jeff (Creative & Public Speaker)

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